Saturday, 26 February 2011


Alright my first blog post. It's been a while since I've had updated on any form of interwebs, so I'm a little rusty. I'm also kinda tired right now. But I know I had several reasons why I wanted to start up a blog, I will try to recall them as follows, although note, they are not in any semblance of order:

  1. I just turned 26 this month. Had a great b-day. For some reason I was compelled to funnel my creativity into another outlet. I'm creative, but not in a practical-I-can-earn-a-living-with-this kind of way. (At least not yet.) Just wanted to find another way to expand/express I guess. I have tons of hobbies and I'm always creating something in one form or another. I figured a blog would help me chronicle these things.  
  2. I am currently running two (2) table top RPGs right now. A Star Wars Saga Edition game and a 3.5 Edition D&D Expedition to Castle Ravenloft game. One of my player's in the Ravenloft game has been writing a meticulous in-game journal. I found this awesome, as it gives his own unique perspective of the story that I believe needs to be posted and updated somewhere for all (those interested) to see. Also, I'd like to have a place to throw up my house rules/homebrew stuff I make up. This will also go beyond just these games.
  3. My thoughts. First of all, I'm going to avoid treating this blog like a personal diary. Seems like everyone had one of those back in the day, and seriously who wants to read that crap? While, yes, this is MY blog and I'm going to write about whatever I find interesting, but I'm hoping to write about stuff that other people will find interesting. So I'll be plugging my interests and sharing them and hoping that those following me may share their own interests.
  4. Lately I've started listening to podcasts and reading several other people's blogs. A lot of my time is spend on the computer; most of my life in fact; but thinking about it I've been reading/hearing others' thoughts and whatnot so much I wanted have my own little slice of the interwebs. Maybe this lesser form of web publishing may lead into something greater. Maybe not. An experiment if you will.
  5. ... I'm sure I had a few more reasons, but they elude me. I'll post them up if I ever remember them.
 That's all for now folks. I look forward to posting a better write up in the future, but this will have to do for now.

I think I'll post up a bit of "Tim's" notes to kick this blog off proper!