Monday, 11 April 2011

Aegis Company

It's been pretty busy the past week or so, but slow when it comes to material to blog about. Although I do have something I feel I should mention: Recently BioWare's official Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG website began phase 1 of its guild implementation system. And after a month or so of tossing around ideas about starting a local guild, forgetting completely about it, and then suddenly getting asked by everyone about it; I got up off my ass and went and registered our guild:

Aegis Company

Aegis Company is a collective of West Coast gamers united together to defend the Republic and the principles it stands for. Aegis' tenants are Fun, Generosity, Fairness, and Tolerance.

This will be my first time running a guild but it is my hope that my interest and passion for this game and Star Wars in general combined with assistance from my more experienced comrades will enable all of us to make this guild both fun and helpful for our members. I'm equally excited and nervous about this.

I'll have to start reading up and filling all those guild details. The games not even out yet but I want everything to run as smoothly as possible when it does.