Thursday, 16 June 2011

When we last left our hero...

Alrighty, it's been a while but I'm back! A combination of being busy and lazy created a formula for not posting, but to be fair I did move to a new place since I last posted. A HUGE character house that my best gal and I are sharing with a couple friends. I seriously love this place, it's perfect for hosting the live-action-cthulhu-murder-mystery-thing I kinda have planned and possibly a few local steampunk events. We still have a few things to unpack, but we're mostly settled now and I got interwebz on my computer a few days ago and got back to GM'ing my games the weekend before.

I've also starting playing the Dresden Files RPG with a sookum group. I'd thought I give my first impressions: Dresden Files uses the FATE system which itself is based upon the awesome freeform FUDGE system. I was familiar with FUDGE; I was introduced to it a few years ago when a GM I met used it to run a unfortunately short-lived Pulp style game. I was intrigued by its flexibly and have so far decided to use it for the base system for the steampunk RPG I've been designing. Plus the corebook is free as a PDF.

As far as Dresden Files goes; I haven't had a chance to read through either the game books: Your Story, or Our World; nor read any of the novels by Jim Butcher. (Though I have started watching the single TV series that was released.) So if you're a n00b to DF like me, simplest way to put it is it's an Urban Fantasy RPG. I'm not going explain much about the deeper mechanics and whatnot since I'm not really well versed in them, but that's partially why I'm enjoying it so much! The FATE system is very easy to grasp and you don't have to be familiar with the source material because it's set in modern day and commonly in the city you live in. Character creation is deeply story-based and not so much number-based or point-based like many other systems. I'll get around to posting my character and his story.

It might be that my GM and group are story focused, but I must say I am quite impressed with Dresden Files so far and have been having a great time!

In other news, as of typing this we have a total of 16 members of Aegis Company. 16! And they haven't announced the release date for SWTOR yet! 16 may not sound like a lot but I didn't imagine the guild's size would grow beyond half a dozen to be honest. This is great to see that people are that interested in this game, let alone our guild.

This is all I can think of for now, but I am going to try and make my posts more frequent and avoid large gaps of nothing like that one I just did.