Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Mysterious Missive...

"Today, a swarthy nomad dressed in colourful garb brusquely entered our headquarters, strode confidently up to the desk where I was sitting, and with little ceremony, threw a letter down in front of me.

A Mysterious Missive

In a thick accent he claimed he was to be paid handsomely for insuring this missive arrived swiftly and untampered. Before I could raise a question he uttered the phrase: "Thendrick and Mathilda Snuffed. Ashlyn Flickers".

I picked up the epistle, ensured the seal was intact, and nodded to the attendant standing nearby. He produced a coin purse, bulging with a modest enough sum that would satisfy even the greediest scoundrel, and handed it to the stranger. The uncouth drogher snatched the wallet from him, and was counting his gains as he was escorted from the premises.

After they had gone, my eyes again fell upon the missive on my desk. The code-phrase the messenger spoke meant the contents of this letter were very urgent. With a deep breath I cracked the seal, unfolded the message, and began to read..."

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