Friday, 29 November 2013

Two-Fated Tales

November has been quite a busy month for me, what with playing Tremulus at the beginning of the month (hoping to play it again in December); getting my haircut and my right-side wisdom teeth pulled out that week; gaming at Concentric the weekend following; and going to a wedding party, the 4th Day of Boardgamers, and a staff party all last weekend. That on top of the increased traffic at work and the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping starting this weekend, I've only had time for two posts this month!

Anywho, I just wanted to check in before this month is over with my current intentions:

One thing I hadn't mentioned beyond my social media outlets is that my FATE Core kickstarter bundle arrived a few weeks ago much to my elation. After some minor indecision, the first book of the bunch I chose to dive into is Strange Tales of the Century, a semi-supplemental book to the FATE-powered pulp game Spirit of the Century, one of my personal favourites.

I'm about a third of the way through this 500+ page volume; I intend to read it cover to cover and write my Impressions on it. Alas the material I'm making my way through (a global gazetteer of the years 1935 and 1951) has slowed my progress a bit because, though interesting, is rather dry. I'm hoping to read more action-oriented sections of the two-fisted variety coming up. Skipping briefly ahead I did also see that STotC explains how to (easily) update SotC to the new FATE Core ruleset, a concern for some of us fans.

On that note, I've found myself taking breaks from STofC and reading The Day After Ragnarok, another FATE-powered pulp game, although more post-apocalyptic. Having backed the FATE Core kickstarter, I had received DAR a few months ago on PDF, which I briefly browsed but never spent the time to fully read; although I did like it enough to pre-order it in print at discount (hopefully it'll be arriving sometime soonish). 

Again I hadn't spent the time thoroughly reading through the PDF, that is until I read this top-notch review of the FATE version. At that time I was fully into pulp again having begun to read STofC, listening to Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze audiobook and The Red Panda dramas by the Canadian outfit Decoder Ring Theatre, and watching the 80's series Tales of the Gold Monkey. So much Pulp!

I saw in the aforementioned review and confirmed for myself in the PDF that DAR contains a section for GMs who'd like to transition their Spirit of the Century game into the settings and themes of The Day After Ragnarok! Something I think I'd like to try if and when I ever run SotC again...

Onward and Upward! ;{١

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