Sunday, 19 July 2015

Kampi's Saga: Pilgrimage of the Mariner - Part 1

During my recent recovery time in and out of the hospital, I've come up with what Kampi is doing during his absence from Dagger Deep and finally got around to posting part one.

Midsummer Solstice 
Sun's Day of the month of the Sun (most fitting)
Local Year 5315

Rune: Dagaz
Divine Association: No direct association.
Literal Meaning: Day or Dawn
Interpretations: Awakening, Balance, Longing for Change
  • Right-side: Clarity, Hope, Trust
  • Inverted: Distrust, Sadness, Uncertainty

For several days we've crossed the sea, personally hoping to discover the source of my compulsion. We have sailed on a north-westerly course along the Malkavian Sea between the isle of Arrakus on our larbord and the mainlands to our steorbord. We have just passed the northern most tip of the island and are to continue hugging the easterly coast until it brings us to a series of fjords that link to the vessel's destination: a small trading settlement that has managed to thrive in the "cold" northlands.

The type of ship I've been journeying in has been referred to as a 'Kogg', as I believe it would be spelt, by my shipmates. Apparently its design is somewhat old but still serviceable. I've found many similarities with the Knarrs of my folk; it is primary powered by sail, but can be manned by oars if needed. I am very grateful the captain permitted my employ; possibly because of my knowledge of seacraft and carpentry, but I believe more so because of ability to heal. I've heard it told that it is considered ill fortune if a ship sails without a healer, a wise adage indeed. The crew name it the Sojourner and it is a fine vessel.

This day marks the beginning of true summer, at least it would in the lands where I am from. The weather has been conducive to sailing, bright and clear but with a strong breeze to alleviate the heat. My shipmates seem to be good folk, and I have spent my free time ensuring that the ship's stores have at least half-a-dozen potions of healing on-hand in case of accidental injury.

I best get some sleep before the long day of seafaring tomorrow. I feels good to once again feel the wind through my hair, the spray of the ocean upon my skin, and to the hear timber creak; though my thoughts stray back to the lost kin I sailed with during that ill-fated voyage almost a year ago, and then to those I left behind in Dagger Deep. I pray to the gods of the sea that our journey north is successful and unhindered, and that they watch over my friends whilst I am gone.

Until my next entry.

Praise Be To The Æsir 
-Ref 'Kampi' Vandillson

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