Monday, 3 August 2015

BC Day Long Weekend

Happy Civic Holiday my fellow Canadians, and for those of us specifically who live in British Columbia, Happy BC Day!

August is off to a busy start for me, beginning with the three-day-long Festival of Osis at Medieval Chaos the past few days; various competitions, feasts, and in-character camping! I've been spending the week or so prior rushing to complete projects for it. An entry of Kampi's Edda shall follow soon detailing the event, but first I need post my results to the #RPGaDAY2015 questions I've missed. Like last year I aim to provide an outline of my answers at the end of the month, but for those interested any current entries, feel free to follow me on G+ or fB. I'll be posting the first three days.

Coming up Wednesday of this week, I'm meeting with my employer to begin working again now that I'm pretty much a 100% healed up; I'll miss the free time but I think I'm a bit more effective with utilizing it when I have structure and limitations behind it, plus having a steady paycheque again would be nice.

A couple days before the weekend I was delighted as usual to receive a package by post and inside said package was the Exclusive Numenera Boxed Set I backed. I opened 'er up and basked in its contents.

Gonna be honest, I squeed a little.

I even made an impromptu unboxing video with my phone. Unfortunately I didn't have enough memory on my phone to record its entirety so it cuts out near the end. All that remained anyway was the GM BookAdventure Book, and The Art of Numenera.

Also shame on me for incorrectly identifying a bunch of things; seems I'm a bit rusty in my Ninth World Lore, but I also chalk it up to excitement.

It's difficult to express my initial feelings for this aside from I NEED TO RUN THIS GAME AGAIN. NOW.

When I have get free time, I might provide more thorough impressions of this boxed set, but it already looks pretty sweet. I hope I get the chance to run this game soon; it's been so long since I played Numenera, aside from some virtual tabletop, I don't think I've had the chance to run this game since ConCentric back in 2013.

On a related sad note, our biggest local gaming convention, GottaCon, recently announced that 2015 was their last show. For a number of understandable reasons, the organizers Carson and Evan, decided to close its doors indefinitely. Sad sad news for the island and greater BC gaming community. I'm sure other conventions will arise in its wake, but they'll have some mighty big shoes to fill and it'll be a long while before they become as popular as GottaCon, if they ever do.

Thank you for the memories GottaCon, you shall be deeply missed. :(

Cheers! ;{١

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