Sunday, 28 February 2016

5th Year Anniversary

This short post is to commemorate today as the 5th year anniversary of the very first post on this blog! Huzzah! This is also my final post as an unmarried man, for tomorrow my Missus and I are to be wed! :D

Looking back, it's amazing to see that I kept this blog going for so long. Mind you, I admit that it's far from a constant font of new entries or material, but it has been a nice sounding board throughout half a decade. I am only 16 more entries away from hitting 200 posts; it'd be neat if I can reach that amount before the remainder of the year finishes.

It's also interesting being able to look back upon the changes in my general gaming interests, chiefly my huge shift from tabletop Role Playing Games to Live Action Role Playing. Not to say I am no longer interested in RPGs, it's just that much of my free (gaming) time has been occupied by weekly LARP events at Medieval Chaos. I have still been running/playing RPGs during MC's off season, I just have not had the time to post any relevant entries on such, as I am somewhat busier than I used to be.

I take that as a good thing. :)

Ubi Amicitia, Ibi Victoria

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