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Easter: A Recap, a Review, and a Saga

Happy Easter everyone! As I missed out on the third event of the Medieval Chaos season because of work, and the fact that I haven't posted for a bit over a quarter of a year, I've decided to spend my free time this Easter weekend attempting to bust out a recap of what I've been doing the past while.

First off, as I didn't mention it my last post, I've been made the Rules Officer for Medieval Chaos, and the majority of my free time following November last year until March this year was spent with a focus group working on this season's update to the Handbook; version 3.1.

After much time and stress it was released to the public at the beginning of March to my surprise a warm reception from the player-base. Granted it does have some hefty changes but they were necessary to fix some of the flaws of 3.0, and implement a new High Guild progression system, along with the addition of a few other systems aimed at improving them game overall. My free time was mostly dedicated to working on that en devour but I managed to squeeze in a few events of note:

In February, the Missus and I attended a masquerade held at the Imbloc Ball, as our Zingari husband-wife duo, Yelir and Fritha. We had heaps good times and Yelir actually won the best dressed male by popular vote. For more photos check out my Instagram.

I also attended the last off-season, off-site mission of the 5316 (2016) season: The Hoards of Azuk'turoth at Glenora Riverside Park, where I orc'd it up and had a blast. Below is a L-R comparison of the advancement I've made to my orc kit I sore to same event the previous year.

A couple of my orcish comrades:

It was a hella stressful month in March; what with the Handbook release, managing an FAQ, answering questions, updating everyone's' Advancement Points and character sheets, preparing for Season Opener, etc. But all that work paid off as the first event of the new season went off super smoothly for most departments and once I was en rapt in my character, Grimm, all my concerns floated away. :)

Other than the onset of several character leveling requests, the Rules department has quietened down for the most part, as I have a couple Marshals and a few Admins to delegate tasks too, such as manning the helm this weekend as I'll be unable to attend; which allows me a bit more free time to plan for each weekly event I am able to attend.

Also do things like the two videos below; Last year I backed a project on Kickstarter called LARP Box, as monthly subscription box for larpers. In these two videos I post my thoughts regarding both the first standard and legendary boxes I received this April.

I believe that's a recap of the most notable things that have occurred as of late, aside from last weekend where I got the chance to play my main PC Kampi since November. Here's a short Saga entry relating his return to Dagger Deep:

Second Day of Frigga
Month of Grass
Local Year 53167
Rune: Ehwaz
Divine Association: none
Literal Meaning: Horse
Interpretations: Companionship
Right-side: Faithfulness, Teamwork, Trust
Inverted: Competitiveness, Disharmony, Resentment

After months away, I returned to Dagger Deep, drawn by an inexplicable call. Over the winter the townsfolk were able to add some additional defensive structures: a watch tower, a make-shift functional gatehouse to the west entry to the bailey, and several other improvements (though the land is still partially flooded and the tavern half-submerged.)

I met with my stanch companion Connor and we discussed a many things; what we did over the winter (Connor returned to his homeland to help on the homestead), the concern over the trust the current leader Caius places in the therian members of his kingdom, the nature of the demonic gilded greatsword that Connor wielded (and lost, but had returned to him) and the unnatural influence it seemed to be exerting over him.

We recalled having deliberately hid this blade the past year, and having our minds wiped by a psionic to ensure it's secrecy, but the sword was still able to call him even far off in his homeland, and he could not help but retrieve it when he joined a troop investigating Azuk'turoth, where Kaah and his fellow abyssal demons were exerting an unwholesome influence on the local orc population. Fortunately they were banished from the land for the time being.

During the winter I heard some of the reports of the Siege against Northbrook and though the allied forces had eventually succeeded in wiping the cursed realm from Arrakis, dark rumours spread quickly when a band of crusaders ventured into Rugger'shrek to discuss why the peace the black orcs that dwell therein had seemed to have fallen and a lone scout from supposedly vanquished Northbrook lured the band many fights with the orcs and eventually to the reappearance of Xander (a traitor to the allied people of the Deep and now one of the leader of the remnants of Northbrook.)

The dire portents finally reared their foul head a week ago, when a legion of Northbrook forces, lead by several of their leaders, and allied with the black orcs, ravaged the unprepared forces that dwelt in this town, before support showed up and drove them away (the orcs looted the shoppes and most likely Northbrook accomplished some unknown goal). 

Aside from my own inexplicable draw, several other warriors (new and old) answered the summons to help bolster the towns defenses and hunt down an destroy any remaining forces.

Whilst Connor and I reflected on the recent events, I was blessed by a whole unexpected sight; my attention was drawn to a radiant figure appearing amongst the worn landscape: Lady Sigrun, valkyria and aspect of the goddess Valfreyjaarrived to Dagger Deep to judge if any were worthy to ascend to Folkvangr. Her presence came as a surprise to me, and I attended her when able. (Given that I still remain here, it was clear she did not find my actions worthy. I am ashamed my martial prowess has grown so feeble over the winter.)

After Lady Sigrun and her varied entourage met with Caius and announced their intentions, myself, along with Connor MacNessa and my stalwart companion Connor MacPherson, decided that patrolling the outskirts of town for any of the black orc or Northbrook remnants was more preferable than satisfying our egos within the tournament ring.

 Though we do not agree with live combat for sport, we did skirmish a number of times with an outside group known as the Champions of Harvan (some sort of battle deity) and a pack of green orcs who were looking for a fight. Over the winter I saved up enough earnings to purchase a skjoldr; I am still getting used to using it in battle, and I do admit whilst I did not relish them, I was grateful for the practice. My actions and mood throughout they day had lead some to undoubtedly mockingly referring to me 'Kampi the Righteous'. I do not consider the thoughts behind my actions, or even themselves 'righteous'; such is a term better suited for those that consider themselves more devout and just, such as Hector, or any number of the paladins or knights sworn to their gods or lords.

I take even less to being referred to as a 'prophet'; a relative new comer to these lands, an elf by the name of Raneth, whom appear to hail from similar northern realms I did, has on numerous times referred to me as such (probably due to my familiarity with Lady Sigrun and given my faith to the gods of the north). I also met another northerner named Runa; a seer who foresaw more arriving to Dagger Deep from similar northern lands.

I am sworn to no kingdom, and not all of my gods aren't just. I do what I feel is best for my friends and allies; perhaps that is why I am unfit for Vahalla or Folkvangr as I do not fit the ideal einherjar as they are spoken of.

Praise Be To The Æsir

-Ref ' Kampi' Vandillson

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