Monday, 7 March 2011

Star Wars Species Feats

The Rebellion Era Campaign Guide for SWSE introduced a large selection Core Rulebook species-specific feats. I think they're really cool as they enable a PC to acquire traits and abilities that aren't listed in under the species' characteristics. I especially like the ones with roleplaying flavor and/or play off the species unique background or physiology.

Though one of the ideas behind species feats is to promote playing the core species over the less common but "more interesting" species of the galaxy, I think even those species should have a couple interesting feats.

Here's two I just wrote (with a third in beta). The idea behind the first one was actually proposed by a player of mine: If Verpine communicate through radio waves, a practiced one might should be able to pick up other frequencies and signals.
The second works off the idea that wookies have claws that should be just used for climbing, but there are several examples of Madclaws in the Expanded Star Wars Universe. This adds both combat and roleplaying flavor to a wookie character.

Comments appreciated!

Low-Frequency Sensitivity
Your antennae are highly sensitive to low-frequency electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves and microwaves, and attuning them allows you to detect the presence nearby comlink, transceiver, and remote processor signals.

Prerequisite: Verpine species.
Benefit: As a standard action, make a DC 20 Perception check to detect the presence, number, and types of communication signals being broadcast and received within and up to a 1-kilometer radius. However, you are unable to glean the nature of what is being conveyed through each broadcast itself other than the signal type. You then may, as a swift action, make a DC 25 Perception check to reveal the direction and distance of a single broadcast you've detected. This cannot be used to detect or locate the presence of a tightbeam comlink (pg.46 WAR) or any other form of signal carried over an Infrared or higher wavelength. This ability is also rendered useless within an area effected by a Com Srambler (pg.46 WAR) or similar signal jamming.

[GM Notes: Something to consider: a Verpine's Hightened Awareness species ability allows it to reroll Perception checks taking the second result, and a Scout Verpine could reroll an additional time. This combined with Skill Training and possibly Skill Focus means this ability could have little to no chance of failure. Consider then raising the DC's by 5 or 10.]

Wookiee culture places a high value on the use of their climbing claws for peaceful, productive reasons only. Thus, any Wookiee whom lashed out against another Wookiee (or any other living being) with their claws is deemed to be a madclaw. The title is a grave dishonor, since the Wookiees view the use of claws as anything other than tools as feral, and madclaws are usually sent into exile.

Prerequisite: Wookie species.
Benefit: When making an unarmed attack, you can use your claws as natural weapons, dealing 1d6 points of slashing damage with that attack instead of normal unarmed damage. You are always considered armed with your claws. However, all wookies that witness or learn about you using your claws in this way automatically have an Unfriendly attitude towards you.

[GM Note: Perhaps the claws should deal 1d8 points of slashing damage to balance out the cultural stigma and make the feat more appealing to take. Although, perhaps this could make an already strong wookie brawler overpowered.]