Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tenloss Syndicate Criminal Organization

Here's a quick bit of Star Wars Saga Edtion homebrew goodness: Organization rules, background, and plot hooks that I created for a player of mine whose PC has aspirations to join the Tenloss Syndicate. This drops right into the Organization rules from the Force Unleashed Campaign Guide. Feel free to use them.

The Tenloss Syndicate

The Tenloss Syndicate is a criminal organization based out of the Bajic Sector.
Unlike some other criminal organizations, the Tenloss Syndicate has a legitimate branch of its organization. Under the name Tenloss Corporation, it owns numerous small companies of various degrees of legality. Several of those companies produce starships, weapons, and equipment--mostly for the Tenloss Syndicate's sale and use. Tenloss' primary interest is dealing in high technology and uses its legal activities to fund illicit trade, making vast sums of money through illegal arms sales, and many would classify the organization primarily as an arms dealer and purveyor of contraband. Each company in the Tenloss corporation has it's own hierarchy and is directed by one of the sub-councils and the Syndicate itself is controlled by a central governing council known as The Leukish. Starships, armor and weapons are provided to normal paying customers at several fronts, though most of them were considered illegal and therefore included a certain risk. The organization is mostly concerned with making profits, but when its interests are threatened, it brings the full weight of its might on its enemies.

Notable fronts and divisions:

Modirin Mining Concern: [Burglary, Sabotage] Shortly before the fall of the Galactic Republic, the Modirin Mining Concern was responsible for planting amounts of chromium underneath the surface of the Outer Rim planet Aduba-3. This caused a rush of investors and shipbuilders from many other planets to migrate to Aduba-3 to make their fortunes. Not surprisingly, the chromium dried up in less than a year. Penniless, businesses were forced to abandon any plants or factories they had produced and leave, which Modirin was able to purchase at massive discounts. They then rented out these structures to Aduban merchants, turning a huge profit in the end.

Bahalian Shipyards: [Repair] A small, well-respected ship shipwright located in the Bajic Sector.

Baradis School of Technology: [Assassination, Investigation] Located on the planet Jarvanam in the Astal sector, this school is the primary Bureaucracy and Technology training institute for Syndicate employees and operatives.

Bengel Shipbuilders: [Espionage] Manufacturer of various starships and space stations, including the XQ1 Platform and XQ2 Platform. Based on Ord Thoden in the Dynali sector.

Friij News Services: [Espionage, Investigation] A Hutt-sponsored news network that operated as a clearing house for information and illegal data acquisition and replication. Based on Friijillis in the Dail Sector.

Galindas Exports: [Hijacking, Robbery] One of the Syndicate's mass-market fencing operations. A number of asteroid storage facilities, near Lucrenn in the Skine sector, were maintained by Galindas Exports.

Kendamari Casinos: [Scam] A chain of high-class casinos located on worlds in the Lol Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The Kendamari organization had its headquarters on the planet Kendamar, in the Lol Sector.

Lucin Syndicate: [Smuggling] Concerned with the manufacture and distribution of illegal Holoporn in the Mid Rim. Based out of Lol Sector on the planet Majilop.

Lucross Collections: [Abduction, Assault] A collections agency that is known for its overzealous employees. Based on the world of Wodenstam in the Skine sector, the company is a division of the Syndicate responsible for loan sharking and money laundering operations.

Malakin Enterprises: [Burglary, Robbery, Scam] Dail sector's Lesu-based corporation that dabbled in several criminal venues. Rumored to be secretly controlled by Hutts, Malakin was part of the Syndicate, and was the largest stockholder in the Natori Association.

Natori Association: [Exploration] Based on the planet Sperin in the Palaquin system of the Bajic sector, operates as a training and supply company originally started as a mercenary training organization; teaching combat skills mainly to non-humans. The training philosophy of the Natori was to use particular species' natural physical, mental, and cultural abilities to their advantage. For instance Wookiees were deployed as forest fighters while Duros were trained for space combat. The Natori have a long term security contract with Ororo Transportation but since the two organizations were controlled by the Tenloss Syndicate this amounted to money laundering. This contract consisted of a battalion of soldiers that are used for internal security and in-theory base defense on Vergesso Prime.

Ororo Transportation: [Smuggling] A competitor of Xizor Transport Systems. One of their primary fronts, located in the third Vergesso Asteroid belt of the Lybeya system, is a frequently used shadowport for smugglers, privateers, Rebels, and operatives doing sleazy business for the Tenloss Syndicate. The Lybeya System itself is a notable Spice-Smuggling System. The asteroid field is less violent than others and also easier to navigate, although sensors have difficulty trying to penetrate it. Vergesso Base is an installation built into Vergesso Prime, a nickel-iron asteroid the size of a small moon and pockmarked with craters. The Base itself is divided into three main layers: a port ("The Facility"), a warren of shops, services, bars, and temporary quarters ("The Life"), and a fortified operations bunker ("The Center"). Vergesso Base is patrolled by a company of soldiers belonging to fellow Syndicate front the Natori Association.

Palkandi Brokerage House: [Scam] A corrupt business that specializes in trading stocks.

Relekin Confidential: [Abduction, Assault] Relekin is the primary collections agency for the criminal syndicate, presumably using coercive methods that would have been shunned in its earlier, supposedly legitimate form. They operate out of the Danadine planet in the Dail sector.

Odd Jobs: Use the Job Generator listed under the Risky Business section on pg. 77 Scum & Villiany to generate missions for the Tenloss Syndicate. Each front company has at least one specific job type to provide. (Ex. [Burglary])

Type: Crime Syndicate

Enemies and Allies: Law enforcement agencies and other criminal organizations (Chiefly Black Sun) are the Syndicate's primary enemies.

Scale: 12 (Multiple systems)

Organization Score Criteria

Positive Criteria Organization Score Modifiers

Experience: +1/2 char. level
Has levels in the Noble class: +1
Has levels in the Scoundrel class: +1
Has levels in the Crime Lord prestige class: +1
Is Trained in Knowledge (Bureaucracy): +1
Is Trained in Knowledge (Technology): +1
Is Trained in Mechanics: +1
Has Skill Focus (Mechanics): +1
Has Tech Specialist Feat: +1
Has Starship Designer Feat: +1
Has Superior Tech Feat: +1
Has a Talent from the Lineage Talent Tree: +1 per Talent (max +5)
Completes a mission assigned by the Tenloss Syndicate: +1 per mission
Removes a threat to a Front Company: +2 (max +6)

Negative Criteria Organization Score Modifiers

Fails at a task assigned by a superior: -1
Not Trained in Mechanics: -1
Fails on a mission assigned by the Tenloss Syndicate: -2
Loses or destroys supplies or material that belongs to the Tenloss Syndicate: -1 per 10,000 credit value
Provides information about the Tenloss Syndicate to another organization: -5
Steals from the Tenloss Syndicate: -10

Titles, Benefits, and Duties:

Rank - Score - Title - Benefits and Duties

0 - 4 or lower: None

1 - 5-10: Front Agent
Front Agents are permitted to purchase Tenloss goods such as the DX-2 Disruptor Pistol, the DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle, (both pg. 99 TFUC) and the Hornet-class Interceptor (pg. 125 S&V) at base new price without paying for a license or going through black market connections.

2 - 10-16: Division Officer
Division Officers receive 10% off the base cost on Teloss goods and do not require Gather Information checks to locate a black market merchant to acquire an object over the black market.

3 - 17-23: Sub-Council Manager
Sub-Council Managers receive 25% off the base cost on Teloss goods and the cost multiplier for Black Market goods is lowered by 1. (To a minimum x1)

4 - 24-30: Leukish Council Member
Council Members get 50% off the base cost on Teloss goods.
Council Members have access to an expert technician with the Tech Specialist feat and Starship Designer feat (mechanics +17), and does not pay licensing fees for licensed, restricted, military, or illegal equipment.