Friday, 2 November 2012

Mishaps & Moustaches

Howdy everyone, nothing fancy today just some minor updates on my life.

First off, Happy Hallowe'en to everyone! I hope you all had tons of treats and very few tricks. Wednesday would have been our regular Ravenloft session but we didn't end up playing it because I need to rewrite a bunch of my notes (more on that in a bit), so we ended up giving Fiasco a whirl instead. As I mentioned a few posts back, we've been interested in playing Fiasco and last weekend a FLGS had ordered it back in, so I picked up a copy for my buddy as a thank you gift for getting the Missus and I tickets to see a MacBeth opera.

Our play-through was a little rough considering neither my buddy nor I read the book from start to finish, but we had a fun time running the McMurdo Sound playset from the book nonetheless. Probably one of the strangest object I've ever encountered in a game: a 55-gallon urine barrel. Whaaaat.

Dread would've probably been more appropriate for Hallowe'en, but I have yet to get a tower for it, which is kinda pivotal for play.

The other game option that we chose Fiasco over was 44: A Game Of Automatic Fear by Stories You Play. The basic premise of 44 is it's the early 50's and each character knows someone close to them who has been replaced by a robotic replica. Together the characters fight agents that seek to convert them and survive the overall conspiracy as the turns countdown to zero hour. Think along the lines of the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Aside from being a great little FREE game that only clocks in at 36 pages, it's unique in that when a character falls to the robotic menace, he joins the conspiracy with the GM in opposition against the remaining players. I can imagine things can get pretty tense near the end. Sounds fun, can't wait to give it a shot.

Last Tuesday I had a lousy misfortune befall me: Whilst on shift, someone snuck into the staff change area, pried the locks off a bunch of lockers including my own, and made off with my wallet and my iPad. I found this horribly ironic given I only brought my iPad with me to kill time before my appointment to fix my ribs (I seem to have jostled my ribs from my sternum when I was in the moshpit a few weeks ago seeing Unleash The Archers). And now without my wallet that has both my funds and medical information, I could not go to said appointment.

Being the victim of theft can leave one feeling violated and the last couple days I was in a rather foul mood, but the game on Wednesday night cheered me up and I'm feeling better. It couldn't been prevented and I've decided to move on and get over it. My biggest concern is not the act itself, but the potential identity theft that could occur. The iPad was locked with a passcode, and I've alerted appropriate authorities on the theft of certain cards, but still there's that lingering concern. Realistically, this thief isn't a master criminal; he's not going to go through the effort hack my tablet for access to my PDFs, gaming notes, or my music. I seriously have nothing critical on it. He's just going to pawn or trade it for a few bucks. He'll get his just desserts sooner or later.

We had a Hallowe'en party here at the Manor on Saturday, which was a blast. And the following morning we went out for yummy breakfast, checked out a flea-market, then went to a photoshoot for local barber promoting Movember. Our photos went up on the first, check mine out:

Photo courtesy of Victory Barber & Brand

I'm really happy with the result. It helped me further shake off these blues. I can't wait till I get the unaltered prints.

Cheers! ;{١

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