Saturday, 17 November 2012


Last Wednesday's session, our Ravenloft adventurers had a chilling awakening their following morning: They discovered the body of Hilda, the village healer who prepared and administered a tincture belladonna to Thain-el and Ellywick yesterday to stave off any possibly lycanthropy affection they may have contracted from wounds they received from battle with the werewolves. Thain was able to resist the belladonnas natural toxins, but Ellywick collapsed under its effects. Having lost all her strength, she had remained in Hilda's care for the night.

When they called on the two the next day, they found Hilda lying on the floor of her house in a pool of her own blood, her entrails savagely torn out. Of Ellywick they saw no sign, but dread filled their hearts at the likelihood that their companion had succumbed to lycanthropy and brutally slew the one looking after her.

They were fortunate to discover a note written by whom caused this foul act, before they could jump to any grim conclusions:

This only brings up more questions for our heroes:

Who is the note's writer, -A?
Why did he slay Hilda?
Who was his brother and who killed him?

Most importantly: How are they going to rescue Ellywick?

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