Thursday, 10 January 2013

GottaCon 2013 Anticipation

Happy New Year!

The first post of 2013 will be mostly uninteresting I'm afraid, just me yakking about my plans for the beginning of next month.

I got my tickets bought and registered for GottaCon 2013, and so far I've signed up for a few RPGs:

  • a free-form/custom Star Wars game in Slot 2 (7pm-11pm) on Friday. I'm interested to see what kind of system the GM is using to run this game, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it because it's Star Wars!
  • a Paranoia game during Slot 8 (Midnight-4am) on Sunday. I couldn't miss this chance to play my first Paranoia game. Seeing this game run doesn't make me feel bad about choosing not to run it. (Which is probably for the best since I've never run let alone play it before!)
  • and Marvel Heroic Roleplaying during Slot 10 (9am-1pm) on Sunday (hopefully I get enough sleep after the Paranoia game not to pass out whilst playing Supers for the first time)

The game I'm running, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Escape from Mos Shutta, isn't currently listed on the registration site at the moment, as they have yet to update the schedule. But it is up on the Excel and PDF listings during Slot 7 (7pm-11pm) on Friday. I must say I'm looking forward to it, as well as a little nervous it being my first convention game. I hoping my enthusiasm and my fanboy'ism paired with my love of RPGs will make it enjoyable for my players.

Some dudes from VCON demoed this really neat Sabacc card game last year, and looks like they're planning on doing it again. Alas it's during slot 7 so it looks like I'll miss it again.

I've also begun collecting a few items I'm planning on putting up on the Gamers Silent Auction: An extra copy of Unhallowed Metropolis that I won as a prize, and a spare copy of Spawn of Azathoth I snagged when I was up island early December. I'm hoping they'll catch a few peoples interest and fetch a decent price, but I'm not looking to win big on them, I'd rather they find a good home. I might throw up a couple 2nd Ed. D&D books for cheap just to clean up my library. The missus' and I have been doing a bit of early spring cleaning, so I'm keeping an eye out for anything else I'm willing to put up on auction. To quote the Jawa's unofficial motto:

"not to look for uses in a salvaged item, but rather to imagine someone else who might find a use for it."

So, so far I've got a bit of my time scheduled at the con, but there are many more slots to fill with something to do. I'm hoping more RPGs will be added that I'll have interest in signing up for, otherwise I might just take in a Boardgame or two. Or just enjoy the con itself.

Cheers! ;{١

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