Tuesday, 15 January 2013

SW:EotE Beginner Game Playtest Triumph

So today I had my playtest of the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game, and I must say it was a Triumph! Playing through the adventure with 3 system-new players went just barely over the four hour timer I had set for myself, and that was with a some filler. So I reckon a group of 4+ players should be able to finish of the adventure within the four hours I've allotted for my slot at GottaCon.

The Escape from Mos Shuuta adventure itself is fairly linear, but in the case of it being an introductory/convention adventure this is a good thing. I believe the way it introduces new game mechanics per encounter is an excellent way to teach the system to newcomers, as my players picked up these very quickly. Not only that, but my experience with the Beta allowed me to easily adjudicate any thing not covered in the basic rules.

I also learned a few tricks to speed up play for the session I run at the con, like pre-writing a stat blocks for the hero's ship and the various NPCs they might encounter. Also, keep a handy Quick Reference Guide or two available for spending Advantage, Threat, Triumph, and Despair.

All in all I'm really happy with how the playtest turned out on a number of fronts: The game was both easy to teach and learn; the adventure fit well into a four hour timeframe; and most importantly: my players and I had fun! This all really makes me confident to run this game. :) Also to boot, my players were eager to play the follow-up adventure: The Long Arm Of The Hutt, which I am more than willing to oblige! :D 

On a related note, Fantasy Flight Games just posted some great news on Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: They've finally announced how much the Core Rulebook, the Game Master's Kit, and the Roleplay Dice are going to cost, and when they're arriving at your FLGS: second quarter 2013. I can bet your dicebag I'm totally going to have all three in my hands come April!

May the Force be with You! ;{١

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