Sunday, 28 April 2013

Waiting Games

Only a few days left before the month of May begins and the Missus' and I move into our new home! We are quite excited and at times it feels the time can't pass quickly enough.

Speaking of anticipated things, back in my 2012 Retrospective, I noted the RPG Kickstarter projects I eagerly awaited to release this spring. Alas, FATE Core's tentative release date had already passed back in March (hopefully the PDF will be out soon), and the Hillfolk: DramaSystem was originally projected for this month and has currently been unable make that due date based upon increased size of the project. It remains to be seen if Chaosium will have the Horror on the Orient Express ready to ship come August.

Also, a few weeks ago FFG announced 'a slight delay' on their projected release of the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook, Roleplay Dice, and Game Master's Kit; what was second quarter is now the concrete date of the first week of July. More delays, ho hum. At least it gives more time to run/play games I haven't yet!

As lame as the delay for Edge of the Empire is, FFG also recently announced they are participating in Free RPG Day this year with an introductory adventure for EotE; Shadows of a Black Sun. I'm hoping to snag one from my FLGS come June 15th. I'd also like to plan a little event or something to help showcase EotE to members of my local gaming community who've yet to play this great RPG. (On a side note, I wonder how/if dice are used in it? As you can't expect those new to the game to have the custom dice, nor do I see them shipping a pack of dice with a FREE adventure, though that would be pretty sweet. Perhaps they'll just use the standard polyhedral-dice conversion chart from the Beta book.)

A few other things I'd like to grab on Free RPG Day: We Be Goblin's Too! adventure for Pathfinder; quickstart rules for the retro-futuristic RPG Cosmic Patrol; Better Than Any Man adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess; a steampunk d6 and commemorative dice from Q Workshop and Chessex respectively; and possibly my first dice tower care of Blue Panther.

That's all for this post, back to packing!

Cheers! ;{١

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