Saturday, 11 May 2013

100th Post! (with Vlog!)

Howdy everyone!

Jerreth Esq. here with my 100th entry, and also the first post from our new home! The Missus' and I are mostly entirely settled in here, and so happy with everything. Life couldn't be any sweeter. :D Huzzah!

100 entries!

To celebrate both of these momentous occasions, I've decided to give a crack at recording a video entry, which if you're so inclined can view here: My First Vlog!

[Currently I'm doing all my writing, recording, and editing via my iPad, as my computer isn't connected the internet. As such I'm unable to embed the video in this post, nor make any decent layout changes to this entry. Also, I am aware how quiet the video is, which I'm planning on rectifying in the future. Apologies in advance.]

Crudeness aside, I'm considering/hoping/planning to make future videos and post them on my blog.

Other than that, I think I covered anything/everything I wanted to post about in my vlog. I referenced Storm of the Century, which can be found here, Shut Up & Sit Down's new site, and I'll direct you to their review of String Railway here.

Last but not least, I want to thank everyone who checked my corner of the interweb, and I hope I provided you with some bemusement, even just for a second.

Cheers! ;{D

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