Thursday, 31 July 2014


So for the past couple weeks my Thursday group and I had been unable to play our regularly scheduled Torchbearer game because of attendance issues, myself included at times. Last Thursday for instance, I went on a last minute jaunt up-island to Tofino with a couple of co-workers (one who's also a player in our TB game). The weather was awesome though the trip was far too short/rushed/unplanned for my tastes.

A panorama I took of beautiful Long Beach
During a stopoff at the Coombs Country Market (the renowned 'Goats on the Roof' locale) we picked up a bunch of cheap slingshots, and a huge used-bookstore had a bunch of RPG material I grabbed for the collection, one of which (not shown) may surprise a certain fellow gamer once I show it to them...

The weeks before I had mentioned I was attending Vanguard Training, though I missed my chance last week to try out my new weapon by going on the trip instead. Alas. 

So at the beginning of this week I was all stoked that we were finally going to be able play Torchbearer this Thursday despite being down a player, and then the old adage decided to kick in and last night at work I began exhibiting symptoms of the common summer cold that's making its rounds locally. Bugger.

Earlier today whilst taking a break from sleeping it off I had to cancel our later TB game to my chagrin. And I shouldn't attend Vanguard either in this unwell state, so that leaves me little choice but sit on my duff and watch stuff of Netflix; just how I wanted to spend my sunny weekend. :\ Hopefully next month we'll get back into the final act of our Torchbearer game.

Hopefully I can shake off most of this cold by tomorrow, as my father and step-mother are visiting tomorrow on their trip to Pender Island, and my Friday evening group is starting up a Fate-powered multi-verse game; I'm playing a stereotypical mash-up of an 80's inspired Conan and Hercules. I look forward to hamming it up and seeing a long-time player of ours GM for the first time. It promises much entertainment.

There's also an X-Wing Miniatures summer tournament Saturday at an FLGS I'd like to attend if fit enough.

Anyway, I need to get back to recovering from this sickness: an Ob 3 Will test (with a +1D for cold supplies; fluids, cough syrup, ginger, lozenges, spicy food, etc.). If this doesn't work I might have to see a doctor for an Ob 4 Healer test, or considering sweating it out...

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