Saturday, 19 July 2014

Vanguard Training

I've taken my first steps into a larger world. ;)

For the past couple months, on Thursdays opposite of my Torchbearer game, I've been training of sorts: For what you may ask? Every Thursday afternoon a bunch of local Victorians who LARP up island in Duncan at a venue called Medieval Chaos, meet in a nearby park for weapon and fitness training. Medieval Chaos technically considers itself a HARP (Heavy Action Role-Playing) game; it features full-contact combat (strictly non-combatants are also welcome) with magic and spellcasting. I won't go into the full details of MC because I'm just learning the ropes, but I suggest you check out their handbooks on PDF for more in-depth information.

Such a stunning array of arms to choose from!
The group, of over a dozen or so players, are a friendly bunch, if a little exclusive to their hobby. Initially, I did not possess my own foam weapon but several people bring extras and are gracious enough to let newcomers (peasants) borrow them.

Last Thursdays' TB session was called off due to low attendance so I'd been granted the opportunity to attend Vanguard Training, as it has been dubbed, three times in a row this month. And I must say, I'm hooked!

I've been trying to stay physically fit a bit more now that I'm fully healed from my surgeries and the weather's pleasant (if sometimes a bit too hot); I got a pair of runners a few months ago and have been jogging home from work (since I normally walked I figured running would get me home sooner and I get more exercise to boot).

Last Thursday's session was all about shields; primers on types and their usage, and how to fight with/against them. So far I find them a bit too heavy to use; I prefer to stay nimbler in melee.
My buddy Ash is on the left presenting his tower shield.

Vanguard training combines several things that are important to me: exercise, socializing, and imagination. The atmosphere has been non-competitive despite the versus nature of combat, which is also big plus for me. I enjoy it so much I finally went out yesterday and got myself a weapon that I had been eyeing for a few weeks:

The manufacturer calls it The Dentist; others call it a 'problem-solver'. I can't wait to try it out next week.
The nice thing is I can also use it potentially for cosplay, zombie walks, and/or beating annoying gamers over the head.

I'd love to participate in actual MC to get the full experience, but alas my work schedule right now prevents me from making it to their regular Saturday games. Right now I'll just have to be content with taking my lumps at Vanguard.

To the Pain! ;{١

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