Monday, 24 November 2014

ARC Caster

Here's a little custom homebrew weapon for SWRPGs that I made a couple years or so ago, based off of the weapon the Phase Zero Dark Troopers wield in Star Wars: Battlefront 2. I originally avoided posting this since I hadn't had the chance to playtest it, but since I still don't know when that'll be I've decided to do it anyway. I've updated what I originally wrote for WotC's Saga Edition to FFG's Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion.

ARC Caster/DN Bolt Caster

Energy Weapon
SKILL: Ranged (Heavy) | DAMAGE: 7 | CRIT: 5 | RANGE: Short | ENCUM: 5 | HP: 1 | PRICE: (R) 1,500 | RARITY: 7 | SPECIAL: Blast 6, Disorient 3, Inaccurate 1, Limited Ammo 5, Prepare 1, Stun 5 (Droids/Cyborg only)

Modified E-11e 
Built by BlasTech, SoroSuub Corporation, and Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. ARC Casters are heavily modified E-11 blaster rifles that were utilized by Phase Zero Dark Troopers employed by the Imperial Army. 

These weapons were so named for their ability to "arc" an electrical bolt from one target to another. Using a charge function, it would prepare a blast of electricity that when launched at a target fully charged, could affect up to four adjacent targets. This type of weapon was similar to the plasma disruptors (DN Bolt casters) originally used by dismounted clone pilots as a personal weapon. 

The powerful shock released is severely damaging to the wiring and systems of droids; additionally, since they aren't ion-based, ARC Casters are just as harmful to organics, though to a slightly lesser degree. 

An ARC Caster requires a power pack to operate; after 5 uses, the power pack must be replaced. Activating the Blast quality uses up half (round up) of the remaining Limited Ammo.

On a Despair ▼ result, the bolt arcs back to its wielder, dealing damage equal to the weapon's Blast rating.

DN Bolt Caster

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