Monday, 1 August 2011

Happy BC Day!

So last night was our last Legend of the Five Rings session for the time being. Right now, my group and I are running a different system/game a month, and next month is going to be Exhalted. I'm sorry that it'll be a bit of time before we start up L5R again because I was really getting into it, not to mention I missed 2 out of the 4 sessions so I barely got a taste. But what I tasted was sweet. :D I even started writing a few Haiku's cronicaling my character's thoughts & feelings:

Crane Court A Stageplay
Theatre Of Courtesy
But Noh Masks Are On

So like L5R I've never played Exhalted before, and know even less about it beyond that its a system is similar to White Wolf's World of Darkness d10 dice pools and the theme is playing a fledgling demigod. I am excited a bit to again try something new, to broaden my RPG horizons. The majority of systems since I started playing have been d20.

Over a month or so ago when my friends picked up their copies of the L5R and Exhalted Corebooks from our FLGS, I ordered a copy of the Call of Cthulhu RPG 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition, and recieved word that it has shipped three days ago. Can't wait till it arrives. Depending on what we play next I may finally get to try out this system that I've wanted to run for the longest time.

Looks like a fun couple months of gaming ahead! Then Star Wars: The Old Republic will probably be out and my RPG gaming will no doubt suffer for it. :S