Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hey all. It has been a busy, stressful month. But all in all everything had turned out well in the end. I ended up missing all of this month's Exhalted so I have little to say about it as I didn't get a full impression of it. A few interesting things to note amongst the chaos:

-My mother passed away the previous month and we had her memorial this month, which was very emotional but wonderful to see the huge amount of people who came out for it. Thank you all so very much.

-We had to empty out & organize a storage unit that contained a her furniture, possessions, etc. We brought back as much stuff to my place as we could, but a lot of it remains over with family on the mainland or up island. I've been spending time trying to fit the furniture into our large house that is already full with it. I've been mostly successful incorporating most pieces I think, and I've actually been able to transform my computer room more into a proper study or 'Man Cave'. I'm grateful the three women I live with agree I should have my own male space. :)

-Speaking of male spaces, Victory, a new barber shop that focuses on wet shaves and other manly sundries has recently opened here in Victoria. Talking with a good friend of mine whom appreciates things of gentlemanliness like myself, we have formed a fraternal society called the 'Ministry of Mandates' whose focus is organizing 'Man Dates' of gentlemanly and/or manly nature. Our first one, Mandate: Man Date I, is going to be a group of us stylishly dressed visiting Victory for shaves & haircuts, and then off to partake in good food, billiards, pubs, and/or fine pipe tobacco.

-My co-worker and guildmate got into the Star Wars: Old Republic Beta. I got around an hour and a half of play in as a Sith Warrior. I shall expose further on my impressions in the related guild thread. But I will say this: :D Here's hoping for Beta weekends next month and possible Guild Beta.

-I found a used copy of the Shadows of Yog-Sothoth at local bookstore and snatched it up. Once I've finished reading the Core book, I think I'm going to run it for my first puray into CoC when I get the chance.

-Next month we're picking up L5R again; I am excited to start writing more haikus!

-Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been taking up most of my time right now. I'm on a cyberpunk kick right now and really wishing I had grabbed that used copy of Ecilpse Phase I saw at the same store I got Shadows of Yog-Sothoth from, but when I looked again a few days ago someone else had pounced on that bargain.

That's all folks! Cheers!