Monday, 29 August 2011

Miyamoto Mirumoto's Report - I

Most Honourable Lord Mirumoto Kaisan of the grand Mirumoto lineage,

I, your humble servant, Miyamoto Mirumoto of the Dragon Clan write this letter to you as a report of recent events that I feel might be worthy of your attention.

As per our instructions, myself, my charge Kitsuki Aeimata, and her young brother; arrived at the residence of Lord Kikita Matakhane approximately a week ago as of this writing. By Lord Matakhane's behest we were grouped up with one of his Crane vassals, Daidoji Hiro of the Kakita Bushi School; and the visiting Lion Matsu Hiatai of the Matsu Berserker School; to look into a matter of concern in the local Crane village of Soruba overseen by one Doji Tazumi.

After a fairly unremarkable journey through dull Crane pasturage we arrived at the settlement. The first impression I received was seeming lack of heimin working the rice patties, this struck me as suspicious. After talking with the Lady Doji, we learned their concerns were two fold: The bonge were becoming ill and dying from an unknown ailment, and the belief that local river kami have been angered somehow, leading them to wreak destruction upon a dam.

As we supped, my charge Kitsuki made a social gaff by rebuking the Phoenix Ronin our host had taking upon. As unorthodox as this arrangement was, it was not our place I reminded her to insult our host, although I was quietly curious if Lord Matakhane knew of this.

Over the next short period we cleared away the cobwebs of mystery. We discovered the source of both the ill heimin and angered water kami was a that local saki brewed and offered to them by the Phoenix Ronin had been 'impure'. [Tainted] A pity it was we did not notice this impurity whilst my companions and I sampled it the night prior. To his small credit, the Crane Hiro managed to appease the kami; and we confronted the Ronin and placed him under arrest. Whilst speaking to Lady Doji about these discoveries, we were beset by a 'twilight foe' [Zombie], which my companions quickly dispatched of.

I quickly moved to assure Kitsuki's brother's safety, but discovered that the Ronin had absconded with him by horseback to the north. Still within sight in the fading light, I mounted my steed and rode after them. Eventually I, and soon my companions caught up with young Aeimata, whom the Ronin left behind as he was slowing his escape. My charge safe, I chose not to pursue the 'vile' Ronin into the night. [I suspect the Ronin to be a source of the Taint.]

After formalities were concluded the following morning we returned to Matakhane's abode and gave our report. Gratitude was lightly given to us from him because of several things of supposed interest that were omitted from the report and a distinct lack of etiquette by some members of our clan to my dismay, one of them being young Aeimata. Lord Matakhane heard that we are grooming young Aeimata for entry into a school, and he felt that the boy's lack in etiquette could be remedied by enrolment in Crane's Doji Courtier school. I politely declined Matakhane's offer of enrolment and boarding of young Aeimata on your behalf, as 'I strongly feel that it is not your wish for him to be placed in such a artful school'. [I do not trust Lord Matakhane's motives behind his so called generous offer.]

Crane Court A Stageplay
Theatre Of Courtesy
But Noh Masks Are On

As for the young boy's training, I shall continue searching for a vocation that would be worthy of our clan. The boy himself as expressed interest in Shugenja arts, and I strongly feel that if his interest reflects his aptitude in matters of the kami, he enrolment in such school could be a great boon to our clan.

Concerning the elder Kitsuki Aeimata, as per your wishes, I have been assessing men whom might be worthy of betrothment to her. So far two shown some promise:

The Lion Matsu Hiatai has shown both great honour and glory, as well as a fierceness in battle. Though Lions' tend to be head-strong, I feel that Kitsuki's stubborn personality and courtier training can place a high degree of control over the somewhat weak-minded Lion, giving us an inside to their Clans' ways.

The Crane Daidoji Hiro, though of stronger mind and more verse to subtle manipulation that comes with living amongst Cranes, a union between the two would still be 'favourable to us'. [Kitsuki's skills in the courtly affairs would give Dragons a degree of sway.]

Continuing on our journey, we to leave on the morrow for the boarder of Lion territory, where we are to meet with of Hiatai's clan. I hope this missive finds you quickly via the Mantis Clan merchants I have instructed to deliver it.

your humble servant
-Mirumoto Miyamoto