Monday, 3 September 2012

Labour Dabour

"Todaybor Day is a Labor Day!"

So what's new and interesting since I last posted?

Well, last weekend we were actually going to bust into some Spirit of the Century! But we ended up being short two players, and despite it being designed as a pick-up game I chose not to run it because I planned out this awesome pulpy story-arc and I'd hate my other players to miss it. I ran it minus one player yesterday and it was loads of fun. I feel I've got a decent handle on the FATE system, though there was a lot of jumping around referencing rules. I can't wait till the next session.

My schedule at work has shifted, and I once again work on Fridays during the day shift so now I can finally get back to see my Dresden Files group on a regular basis. I was great to be back with the gang. Since my original character Edward had kinda drifted into the background as an NPC in my absence, I decided to start a fresh new character: A Werewolf Drifter!

Our regular GM for Dresden Files is taking a break, letting one of us run something in the game and Nathaniel stepped up to the plate with an arc based off of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Both Jason and I decided to use that theme as a hook for designing our characters. There's a brief overview of his background and aspects below but first I'd like to address something:

Playing or running anything related to First Nation/Native American cultures can be rather tricky, depending who you're playing with. The major concern tends to be doing/saying something that could be considered derogatory or offensive, and so I think many shy away from the prospect. Though this could hold true to any culture or ethnic group to whom you're not a member or familiar with, in most Canadians this can be a very delicate topic when it comes to the indigenous peoples of our country. It's where ignorance of a culture can really hit home because when you consider it they were the original inhabitants of the country you now live in but you may know very little about them. Some would say one could be more forgiven of being ignorant of the culture of Azerbaijan because you've had no first hand contact with it. But aboriginal culture is ingrained in Canadian culture, though many Canadians don't not know the deeper meanings behind it.

I think we all know in our group that if this does occur it's unintentional and not meant to cause disrespect to any culture or people, so that is why we're fine with playing this concept. I am Métis in background, but this will never be used as an excuse for being insensitive. So if I happen to offend anyone, I am sorry.

That said, I have made my character part-Chinookan and based several of his aspects around Chinook Jargon. Everything else comes from being a werewolf and a drifter.

Character: Robert London
Template: Were-Form
High Concept Aspect: Werewolf Siwash
Trouble Aspect: Loyal to a Fault
Background: Robert was born the youngest of seven to a Chinookan mother and an unknown father, thus making him an outcast in his own family and tribe. His closest companion growing up was the family dog, an Alaskan Malamute named Keish.  Phase Aspect: Misunderstood Mutt.
Rising Conflict: Robert knew he was different, but didn't realize the extent of it until the fateful day when he and Keish were ambushed by a cougar in the woods. Keish attempted to protect Robert from the mountain lion, and was badly injured doing so. This action unleashed something hidden in Robert and he took on the form of a Vancouver Island Wolf and with Keish, drove off the cougar, although Keish died of his wounds soon after. Phase Aspect: Pack Mentality.
The Story: Robert soon left his family and set out on his own as a vagabond into the world. He made his way around Canada and the US hitch-hiking whilst panhandling, busking, and working odd jobs. Phase Aspect: Walking the Earth.
Guest Star: During his time abroad, Robert met many interesting people, saw many strange things, and learned a great deal. But he had never encountered all three of these at once until he met an odd drifter named Bart. Phase Aspect: Wisdom from the Gutter.
Guest Star Redux: Whilst hunting near Bella Bella, Robert came across Kelly K. who had been wounded whilst pursuing a cruel kushtaka or kooshda. They banded together, tracked down the evil spirit, and banished it for good. Phase Aspect: Skookum/Cultus.

Vancouver Island Wolf

A few other things of note:
  • I caved in and put in an order for The Kerberos Club at my FLGS today when I went to pick up more Fudge dice for my friends and last night's game. Unfortunately they need to order the dice in as well.
  • An interesting article on a disappointing D&D 5E playtest at Gen Con. Apparently he had a much better time playtesting 5E at D&D Experience.
  • A great Game Geeks review of Cthulhu by Gaslight and Stealing Cthulhu.
  • Because fighting Nazis is pretty pulp: Seriously? Nazis at the Center of the Earth? Sounds like their trying to ride the coat-tails of Iron Sky.

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