Monday, 3 September 2012

New Stunt: Shoot the Bullet

So today my buddy Fraser and I were watching The Shadow starring Alec Baldwin (a seriously corny film), and there was this one scene where the eponymous hero and the villain simultaneously fire a shot at it each other and their bullets collided head-on. This extraordinary feat has occurred several times in media, but I do find it a perfect match in Pulp. And since Spirit of the Century lacked a Stunt that allowed one to perform such an action, I decided to whip one up. I present to you: Shoot the Bullet!


Shoot the Bullet [Guns]

   "I dunno how he did it boss, but he shot down da bullet before it could even hit the mayor!" 
Requires Trick Shot and at least one other Guns stunt. 
Once per scene as a reaction, your character may spend a fate point in an attempt use their Guns skill to defend themselves or an other target in range and sight against a single ranged projectile attack or maneuver that your character is aware of. The projectile's owner compares his skill result (normally Guns or Weapons) against your character's Guns result, (the +2 from Trick Shot applies if the projectile itself is solid and larger than a bullet) and if you succeed, your shot collides with the projectile and it's action is unsuccessful. Otherwise the action proceeds on its original target as normal. Normally the Guns skill does not allow characters to defend themselves as well as attack. 

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