Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day of Gaming Approaches

So over a week from today is going to be the Day of Gaming event on the 18th here in Victoria, and I have volunteered to run an RPG in a four hour time slot. And sort of like before GottaCon, I'm still undecided as to what I'm going to run; I've already made my choice that it's going to be Edge of the Empire, but I haven't decided on which adventure. The session is geared as a Learn to Play game, so I'm leaning towards these two choices: The Beginner Game adventure Escape from Mos Shuuta (which I ran to great success at GottaCon), or the Free RPG Day adventure Shadows of a Black Sun. The date's quickly approaching and the organizer is requesting the scenario details, so I have to make up my mind based upon these factors:

Given that the session to an LTP and is expected to have mostly new players, I'm leaning towards Escape from Mos Shuuta; though the story is linear, it's best suited for gradually introducing the mechanics to new/novice players. Plus I know it like that back of my hand, I have everything I need for it, and is playable in a four hour time slot.

I've already run that before though and feel kinda cheap doing the same thing again, particularly because when I ran it back in February the Beginner Box was still relatively new and not many local gamers had gotten the chance to pick it up or play. Half a year later is a lot of time for that to change, and means the players who are now familiar with EotE that show up and to join my game for something different might be disappointed; a point in favour of Shadows of a Black Sun, an adventure I feel not many have gotten a chance to play given it's limited distribution and the fact that as to date no PDF has been released yet. (Some peoples are saying possibly after Gen Con..?)

The story in Shadows is much less linear than Escape, the pre-gens are much closer to what you'd see in the full game, and rules/mechanics like Obligation and Critical Injuries are more in-depth; all things that a GM experienced with EotE (which I'd like to consider myself one) can easily teach new players. (Plus I already went and made any adjustments to it that I might need, and really want to try out the Sabacc rules!) The major aversion I have to running it is well... the fact I haven't run it! (And probably won't get a chance to before the event.) I normally wouldn't consider this a huge concern if I wasn't so unsure if I can fit this adventure into the four hour timeslot.

Then I again, this is geared to teaching new players and now that the Core Rulebook has been released, if I have to run the Beginner Game adventure to get gamers interested in the system, then that's what I'll do! Escape from Mos Shuuta it is! Perhaps I'll run Shadows at future event.

During the second half of the Day of Gaming, I'm planning on participating in the Netrunner tournament, where I'm sure I'll be getting my ass handed to me on a cybernetic platter. I'm mostly joining for fun and practice as I don't get to play that often. I did pick up the recently released Creation and Control deluxe expansion, and need to get my decks built and ready.

Last thing to mention: I've been playing X-Wing lately (and having terrible luck), but at least I feel as competent than Wil Wheaton on the latest episode of tabletop ;p

Cheers! ;{١

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