Saturday, 24 August 2013

News from the Ninth Gamma X-Wing Age of Rebellion

Hallo! How's everyone? I am quite well.

The Day of Gaming last Sunday went splendid! My session went quite well I believe; turns out the day before I had discovered I had left the Proficiency dice for EotE narrative dice set at my buddy Ryan's house when I played the prior Monday, but he was cool enough to meetup with me Sunday morning at the event and co-GM the session with me. And although I missed my chance to sign up in time to make my friends' Marvel Heroic Roleplaying LTP afterwards, I did participate in the Netrunner tournament and had some fun there. Although the Jinteki 'shell game' deck I had built got me a couple wins and a few narrow losses, I ended up 2nd to last place because I didn't put any effort into constructing a decent Runner deck and just went with the pre-gen Rielle "Kit" Peddler deck from the Creation and Control expansion; which in my amateur opinion based off of several plays is a very poor build; I think I could've come up with something much, much better. Oh well, I got what really wanted which was a chance to play with local Netrunners.

I'm still slowly making my way through Numenera, and so far it's been awesome and looks to stay that way. It uses a simple and streamlined d20-based system as it's primary mechanic with three character types/classes, which is great because it leaves more freedom in the book and in the game to touch upon the incredibly rich science-fantasy world that Monte Cook and his crew have created.

I'm also very itching to get my hands on a copy of the Age of Rebellion Beta, as I've had this X-Wing/Wraith Squadron inspired campaign idea in the back of my head since EotE. Since I missed my chance beta testing EotE, I'm planning that once I get a copy I'm going to pull together a group and playtest the heck out of it. Also the GSA has released two articles that reveal a bit deeper into what we're going to expect in this Beta: a First Look and a Review. General speculation is that retailers should have them in near the end of August.

Speaking of X-Wing, I'm sure those in the know will no doubtfully have heard the news from Gen Con; for those who haven't, FFG has surprised I'd believe the majority of us X-Wing fans by announcing their intention to release capital-scale starships into the miniatures game. I was surprised by this news and although part of me is for it, the other part of me is/was hoping they'd spend more time introducing Expanded Universe ships into the game than produce larger ones from the original trilogy. It still feels kinda soon IMHO. Time will tell though.

Lastly, before my excellent GM session of Dresden Files yesterday, I swung by my FLGS's clearance store and picked up 4E D&D's Gamma World core set, the expansion Famine In Far-Go, and a couple 8-card booster packs at a nice discount. Although I've never been a fan of 4E, Gamma World always seemed appealing to me as a beer-and-pretzels style RPG, where both the premise and the game are not to be taken too seriously; perfect for rainy day one-shots or a few sessions. Also unlike 4E which is going to be made redundant and obsolete (if it hasn't been already) by the pending arrival of D&D Next (not to mention Pathfinder), Gamma World, despite being based off of 4E, is self-contained, mechanically solid, and unlikely to face replacement by a new edition in the near future, making it I believe a decent investment so to speak.

Despite my recent purchase of Numenera, and my pending investment of the AoR Beta, I decided the clearance sale was a good time to pick up Gamma World and add it to the expanding collection of RPGs I own and would like to play someday. The website Critical Hits has an excellent page for tools, resources, advice, reviews, and adventures for those interested in this latest edition of Gamma World [Here].

Cheers! ;{١

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