Sunday, 1 September 2013

Numenera Transmissions

I must say I am quite taken enraptured with Numenera so far; Monte Cook's world has got me hooked and I'm itching to run a game once I've fully absorbed the corebook, which I am still methodically making my way through page by brilliant page. I've only finished the first seven chapters that comprise parts 1: Getting Started and 2: Characters out of the 9 sections of the book. Both the setting and the system are quite unique, and it's rather remarkable that I'm already so drawn into this game without having gotten deep into the parts on the game world or running the game.

I've been supplementing my lack of free reading time by listening my way through an excellent d20 Radio Network podcast called Transmissions from the Ninth World; reading the various web articles on io9 and Petrie's Games; Monte Cook's own blog; and checking out what people are saying on YouTube. The guys from Transmissions from the Ninth World have also set up this great community website for Numenera fans called Ninth World Hub.

Also I purchased and downloaded the Character Creator app for iOS. [Computer and Android versions forthcoming.] So, far it looks pretty good; I hope to give a more thorough review of it in the future.

If Numenera seems interesting to you, first you should read this short story called The Amber Monolith, which helps set the tone and setting of the Ninth World. If you enjoyed that, I'd highly suggest checking out any of the aforementioned links, the FAQ, or the following videos to learn more about this amazing RPG:

Finally feel I need to mention that Numenera is currently available on PDF @ DriveThruRPG at the amazing price of $20! If you like the kinda vibes Numenera is giving you, do yourself a favour and take advantage of this opportunity!

Now, I must return to finishing reading the book!

Cheers! ;{١

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