Friday, 13 September 2013

Septem 13

Hope you all had a not unlucky Friday the 13th! I came across this clever pic and think it a good way to make this generally superstitious day more fun and fortunate for us dice rolling types.

Although the tourist season is coming to a close this month, September has been a quite busy and stressful month so far and because of RL I've unfortunately missed several of my weekly games, which sucks but what can you do. Most of the stress is work related, but I'm not going to get into such bothersome talk. Instead here's a brief update on what I've been up to and planning to do:

  • I finished reading the Numenera rulebook as few days ago, and am busy working on compiling a two-part First Impressions; the first part focusing on the book, and the future second part detailing my experiences from actual gameplay, as I am planning on running Numenera at the end of this month with a couple of my oldest and dearest friends.

  • Last Tuesday the Missus and I made a brief sojourn to Salt Spring Island, where my only intention beyond taking in the sights and beautiful weather was to visit the board game cafe/restaurant aptly named The Gathering. Sadly they are closed Tuesdays, but I did manage to finally find a sought after non-trademarked version of Jenga for use with the copy of the horror storytelling game Dread that had I purchased nearly a year ago; just in time for me to perhaps give it a shot during spooky October or maybe even Hallowe'en! Also, we plan on returning to Salt Spring Island this Sunday to attend the autumn fair, so I still may get my chance to visit The Gathering. Expect a post to follow on that.

  • I am currently (have been for a month or so) compiling a list of sorts for my own blog and an associate's website [Victoria Gaming] that brings together all the local gamer resources for Victoria and puts them on a single page; from retailers to groups to events. I hope to get this up and done soon.

  • Today after work my FLGS finally had a copy of the EotE adventure module Beyond The Rim in for me to get my grubby paws on. Certainly the next RPG book for me to read through and post my thoughts.

  • The day before I make my visit up to my old buddies is the 3rd annual Tweed Ride Victoria. Though my bike is still in disrepair since it was ripped off nearly six months ago, the Missus and I hope to attend with a pair of loaned Schwinn bicycles. Once I am sure I can get the time off, I'm registering right away.

Best of Luck! ;{١

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