Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Resourceful Imaginings

Tweed Ahoy!
He's a quick entry on what I'm up to and things of interest I've seen this week:

The Missus and I just tuned up a pair of Schwinn bicycles that have been loaned to us for the 3rd annual Tweed Ride Victoria this Saturday. We are super excited to attend! And once that's over I'm heading up island to meetup with my best buds to hangout, catch up, and play some Numenera and Star Wars: EotE; super stoked about that!

Speaking of Numenera, I came across this awesome house rule by the author The Ferrett (via his excellent first session report):

If you do not describe your attack in a gloriously cinematic fashion, the difficulty increases one step.” That’s right; anyone who says, “I roll to hit” without detailing the incredibly cool way they’re assaulting this monster – and thus giving me the chance to reduce the difficulty by assigning Asset bonuses – actually finds it harder to land a blow."
I've considered house rules of a similar bent to get more description and narration from the players (a la Feng Shui-style), but I never codified them. This house rule works great with Numenera, and with slight mechanical adjustments can be implemented in a variety of other systems. Consider a similar rule for Star Wars: EotE where not describing your actions your could impose Setback dice? (Or if the GM wants to be really harsh increase or even upgrade difficulty) The downside I can see is it possibly slowing the game down if I becomes too long winded, and you shouldn't punish the player if they aren't good, comfortable, or interested in doing it. But it is a great idea nonetheless.

The Ferrett also mentions Shanna Germain's online character utility and Cypher generator, and I came across another similar character generator by Dark Liquid that includes mutant options. I also updated my First Impressions to reflect the update and improvements to the Character Creator App.

Filled out this list of 100 Tabletop Roleplaying Games: I scored 15 out of 100. :/ In my defence, most of them are older RPGs, some which I actually possess but have yet to play.

Wave 3 of X-Wing has finally hit my FLGS, and I'm can say one of each ship has been added to my collection: a TIE Bomber, a B-Wing, the HWK-290, and Lambda Class shuttle. I've constructed a new squad to test and was hoping I'd get a chance to play with them tonight but my buddy was unavailable; it'll have to be another week or so till my next After Action Report. I'm also working on another Custom Pilot or two as well!

Spooky October is going to be here soon, and I'm thinking about finally running Dread now that I finally have a jenga tower! I'm also hard at work on my homebrew hack for Dread and hope to have it up soon!

And finally, looking a few months ahead, a co-worker and I have been coming up with encounter ideas for his annual Christmas RPG adventure. Previous years have been Santa Claws, and Lair of the Paindeer; this year looks like it might be Island of the Misfit Constructs (or Murderous Toys). I love this absurd concept! Reminds me of the Christmas Gamma World adventure Factory of Misfit Omega Tech. I may have to run that for the holidays...

Whew. That's all for now folks!

Cheers! ;{١

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