Friday, 3 August 2012

One Man's Garbage is another Man's Treasure?

Well it looks I might not be running an RPG after all; turns out one of our players' other gaming group decided to move their session from Sunday to Wednesday, thus us losing said player and bringing us under the limit for a solid group. There's the possibility we might find another person or two to join us, but I'm not too choked on not having to run something either.

A buddy of mine, told a bunch of us that he'd come across a boxload of Heroscape tiles and was wondering if any of us would have a use for such a thing. For those who don't know, Heroscape was a miniature wargaming system that uses interlocking hexagonal tiles that allow for construction of a large variety of 3D playing boards. As I mentioned in my 'I Live... Again...' update, I first witnessed the awesomeness of these hex tiles at GottaCon. And as no other of our group was interested in them, they are going to be mine. I figured what the heck, I have tons of miniatures, and although hexes are only supported by some gaming systems and they have their pros and cons over square grids, I'm hoping I can harness the same fun factor I had when I first played on them when I bust them out in a future RPG.

My Dad and his Wife were in town yesterday and today. We hung out and had dinner last night and breakfast this morning and had a great time. After breakfast we browsed around the shops for a bit, and whilst walking by a vinyl record store I spied this in the window:

Rebel Mission to Ord Mantell
Although I consider myself quite the Star Wars fanboy I admit I had never seen nor heard about this before. I'm sure it's not super rare as the few I've seen for sale on ebay and such aren't selling for much higher than the copy in the store is, but the does place it under "long, forgotten un-reprinted Star Wars adventures and nonfiction literature." It was written by Brain Daily who wrote the scripts for the Star Wars radio dramas and the awesome Han Solo Adventures. I didn't pick it up while I was there, but I believe I will soon. A nice little odd gem to add to my useless collection. Check the link out if you wanna hear an mp3 of the record.

Finally, a local used book store that has been in Victoria for decades is finally closing down, and thus they're having a closing sale: Every book for a dollar. I'd visited that place a couple times over the past few years, mostly browsing their RPG section and finding a few gems. The closing sale started at the beginning of the month, but I hadn't the chance to go in till today and unfortunately it's been swept clean already of the good stuff. I did grab a couple things:

First was actually sitting on top of a pile when I walked in and was the first book I set my eyes on. It's a basic, if business-minded, translation of The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Mushashi, which is part of basis of the Legend of the Five Rings fictional settling. An interesting little treatise.

The other items were four D&D 3.5 adventures in the Eberron campaign setting. (Aside: I sold my Eberron 3.5 campaign setting book years ago, and kinda wish I hadn't when we played a 4E game based in the world. But a month or so ago a friend gave me a few 3.0 corebooks he didn't want along with the Eberron book.) Last was a Pathfinder Module. All in all a nice little score for $6 plus tax.

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