Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday Sessions & Heavy Metal

So I've been propositioned to run an RPG on Wednesday evenings. I've been mulling over in my head what I might run, but I've decided to let the group choose from my collection tonight when we meet to decide. My preference is toward playing something I haven't run recently, in depth, or run at all, such as Unhallowed Metropolis, Airship Pirates, Old School Hack, Star Wars Saga Edition, Dungeon & Dragons 1E (using the Rules Cyclopedia) or either of my two Savage Worlds games: Deadlands or Space 1889. But I think I'd be seriously fine with anything outside those options, just as long as it wouldn't require me spending a lot of time planning it. We might sample each of the unplayed systems one at a time.

In preparation for the possibility of running the last two named, I went out and finally got the Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook today, I've given it a once over but I'll delve into deeper if I need to know it for Wednesdays' game.

Lately at work, my co-worker and I have been on a huge Heavy Metal kick. It started out with the awesome Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani, but soon grew to encompass all sub-genres. Let's just say we rock out hard on Friday nights.

Thus arose an idea I had: An RPG where the PC's are members of a heavy metal band who travel the Realms of Metal, battling other metal bands, gaining Metalhead followers, and slaying Brutal Creatures on a quest to attain godhood as Legendary Lords of Metal. (Think Brütal Legend and old school Dungeons & Dragons combined.) Bands both fictional and from real life would use song and albums titles to bring about different spell-like effects created by playing the song as a group. But there's room for some good old hack and slash elements against minions and monsters of Metal. As far as I currently know, there are no RPGs out there with this exact concept, though I do know of a similar game based on Heavy Metal (More on that in a bit.)

I originally thought I could adapt this idea to Old School Hack's system; something nice and simple. But it turned out too be a little too basic for several of the concepts I have. I think I'm going to try and adapt it using the FATE system, it's Aspects and Stunts sound perfect. I mentioned to idea to my gaming group, and they loved the idea so much they're eager to both help design it and play it on Wednesdays. As much as I'd like to, I did some preliminary designing and decided I'd like to have a stronger framework build before I try playtesting it. Once I dig into the System Reference Document for FATE from Spirit of the Century and find it suitable, I'll start posting more details on this little idea.

On to my second purchase: Umläut. I'd seen Umläut months ago in my FLGS and was intrigued, but it wasn't until this metal kick I finally bought it. I've already read through it (it's a small book), and I love it. It's a collaborative storytelling game that doesn't use a GM for play. The idea is each player controls a metal band that tries to Make It Big by working jobs, rehearsing, playing gigs, getting in clashes with other bands, and avoiding breakups whilst balancing Hope, Ego, Fanbase, and Cash. Game mechanic randomization is done using a deck of basic playing cards as opposed to dice. The system looks solid and aside from use as a single session distraction, it'd make a great party game for those slightly less inclined to RPGs. 

I'm tentatively planning another Mandate called Meat and Mead, which was going to be a fantasy/medieval themed event with much roasted meat and plenty of mead and other beverages; but now I'm considering changing or adding Metal to the theme, making it Meat, Mead, and Metal. As I know several of those whom may attend aren't hardcore gamers, (but big metal fans) I think Umläut will be perfect for this. (The game even claims that beer, whiskey and a loud stereo of metal make the game even more fun. I'm inclined to believe them.)

One final thing: This I can totally get behind.

Long Live Heavy Metal!