Sunday, 5 August 2012

Spirit of the Century

Yesterday I was informed that my FLGS finally got a copy of the pulp RPG Spirit of the Century, which I picked up today. It was a pleasant surprise actually, as I originally requested it way back when I placed my order for Unhallowed Metropolis and those two other Savage Worlds books. They weren't able to order it at the time, but evidently they kept trying because they were able to get it in.

It's also funny because I almost ordered it on the web last week, but didn't because if the crazy amount of shipping they'd charge to Canada. Turns out I saved a ton of cash for my patience.

I'm glad I finally have a FATE game to add to my collection, although now I have so many that I need to play I should ease back on the purchases. Also, having a physical copy of the FATE rules will really help designing that Heavy Metal RPG I thought up.

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