Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Kerberos Club

Seems that just after getting my hands on my first FATE game Spirit of the Century (which I am two thirds of the way through reading), I proclaim I should hold back on picking up any more RPGs, when The Kerberos Club pops up and entices me with pulp adventure of the Victorian variety.

The Kerberos Club currently has three system iterations: Wild Talents, Savage Worlds, and FATE; I'm interested in the latter given my love for the system and Kurt Wiegel's awesome review of it on Game Geeks. (If you're interested in RPGs like I am, I highly suggest you check his channel out.)

Aside from the awesome sounding weird Victorian-era, alternate-history, I'm really drawn to this since I've played Dresden Files and now had time to read and grasp all the ways Spirit of the Century uses the FATE system: The Kerberos Club's has a different take on the system which they call 'Strange FATE'. Basically, it disassembles the mechanics of FATE and allows you to custom build anything you want using this engine.

One of the new mechanics introduced apparently works great dropped into other FATE games: 'Power Tiers' - Each tier of difference between you and your opponent allows you one to swap out a fudge die for a straight 1d6, granting you a guaranteed positive result with a range from +1 to +6 per swapped die. Pared/balanced with these superhuman results are 'Collateral Consequences'.

Sounds fantastic. All in all, it's made my 'to play' list. :-)

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