Sunday, 28 July 2013

EotE: Adjusting Shadows of a Black Sun

As I may be running this adventure next month at an event, I decided to it look over with an eye for scaling and adjusting it for use with over four players, like I did with Escape from Mos Shuuta back in February.

Again FFG has released printable PDFs of the pre-gen characters in the adventure, along with two additional PC's not featured in this Free RPG Day adventure.

FFG came up with an effective way for the pre-generated characters' Obligations to directly effect the adventure, given that players chose to take on additional and how much Obligation at the beginning of the adventure. This was achieved with sidebars noting how a scene may be affected by how much Obligation a certain PC has. The two bonus PC's one can download off of FFG's site come with their own written Obligation and options to increase it for benefits, but there are no sidebars in the adventure for those Obligations to effect the story, so if you're running with a group more than four and/or some of your players are using CH-1 or Grabow there's no preplanned opportunity during the adventure to have those Obligations cause trouble for the PCs. Here's the ideas I came up with:

Grabow's Obligation is pretty easy to handle: He's got a Bounty on his head. The simplest thing to do is during a point in which it makes sense (at the Umbra Club or when travelling between locations works best I believe), have a bounty hunter or a few show up and attempt to apprehend him. The number of hunters could be correlated to the amount of Obligation that was taken on:

  • 10 is just a single lead bounty hunter (I'd suggest using either Lar'Omx [Rival] stats minus the poisoned claws, or the Journeyman Hunter [Rival] stats from the Core Rulebook minus the disruptor rifle.)
  • at 15 add an hired gun (treat as either a Black Sun Lackey [Minion], or an Apprentice Hunter [Minion] from the Core book)
  • and at 20 throw in another hired gun. Easy Peasy.

CH-1's is a bit tougher to work with: It has an Obsession for perfecting itself. Here's a couple ideas I came up with:

CH-1, Gadgeteer Bounty Hunter
  • CH-1 crossed paths with an individual in a bad way in pursuit of its Obsession, severity ranging from coercion (10), to theft (15), to armed robbery (20). That individual wants revenge and has connections to the Zelcomm Industries smuggling ring. The Zelcomm Enforcers have been notified that CH-1 is operating in that city sector, and are ordered to disable the droid above all others if they encounter it.
  • Another option is when ever CH-1 is dealt a Critical Injury it also suffers an additional 1 strain for every 5 points of Obligation it has. This I think represents CH-1's high concern of it's own perfection coupled with a wounded pride getting the better of it.

As far as any combat encounters, all I'd suggest is adding an additional minion to each group the PCs encounter if you're running the adventure with five or six players. I believe that should provide enough challenge, but of course a good GM should adjust it is he thinks the PCs are having too easy or hard a time.

As for scaling difficulty for the final fight, the good advice given in the the adventure is all you need!

May The Force Be With You! ;{١

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