Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canuckleheads, and to everyone else!

As some of you may have noticed, I changed up the blog's layout a bit as I believe I got tired of the old one. Anyway, other than that little tid-bit, the only things I have to say of note in this short post are that we've picked up our old Legend of the Five Rings campaign again, so you might be seeing some more of Mirumoto Miyamoto's Reports (maybe). The other thing I'm mentioning is Stalker.

Stalker is an RPG I have been following for sometime. I have yet to acquire a copy, but all I've reading of it makes it seem amazing. It's based off of a Russian sci-fi short story called Roadside Picnic. (Another book I must add to my collection.)

This review by the Gentleman Gamer explains it in further detail and really sells it in my opinion. I recommend checking it out if Stalker sounds interesting to you.

Cheers Eh! ;{١

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