Tuesday, 23 July 2013

RL Blues

Hey guys,

I've had a bit of a rough week since my last post, I don't want to want to bog you down with my concerns, but I'd just like to vent them a little. So feel free to skip. 

About a week ago, the Missus and I noticed my cat, Freya, was having difficulties having a bowel movement. We finally took her into the vet on Friday, had her looked at, and left with some 'kitty x-lax'. 24 hours later, no poop, so we took her back to the vet Sunday for hydration and two enemas. Still nothing. At this point we were getting really worried, so my better half took her to the animal hospital yesterday, and kept strong through the whole ordeal of x-rays, more enemas, and more medication.

Long story short, Freya finally did her business, it only took a load of stress and about $800 dollars in vets bills to pull it off. We are both immensely relieved and exhausted. We still need to keep her medicated for sometime.

This event also chose to arise right around the time I my Mother passed away two years ago. Last Sunday whilst Freya was back at the vet for the second time, my Grandpa came over to Victoria to visit for the day. It was great to see him, and helped relieve our collective worries.

I also worked an extra shift this week, and didn't get to game at all last weekend, so that probably contributed some small measure. Plus I've been feeling a bit off myself.

You gotta take the lows with the highs. 

I'm starting to feel better, and about ready to get back into the geekery!


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