Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Thank the Maker!

Howdy everyone, let's begin with my top announcement:

The Star Wars: Edge of the Empire core rulebook is officially released this Friday! Thank the Maker!!! 

It feels like we've been waiting forever for this! If everything goes well, the copy I have on reserve along with the Game Master's Kit at my FLGS should be in my hands this Friday. I cannot begin to express my elation! I'll have to resist letting it distract me when I'm GMing Dresden Files later that day.

If you haven't read all I've written about this system, and/or aren't sure if it'd be your cup of tea, then check the video below FFG released that give an overview of the concepts, design, and mechanics of EotE and the rest of their Star Wars RPG line. It may give you further insight.

Phew. Now that I've got that out of my system, onto other news:

- Last night was the first play session of the bi-weekly Deadlands: Reloaded game I joined a month or so ago (two weeks ago we met up for character generation); I must say I rather enjoyed it. I'm quite happy with my shady, card shark huckster Lemmy, and I like the Savage Worlds system: nice, simple and quick. When I first played Savage Worlds at GottaCon two years ago, I wasn't that impressed and didn't think much of it. Now, having read the system, some of its campaign settings, and played a bit more of it, I now believe I figured out why it didn't really catch my interest initially:

One part of it was the scenario was presented as more of tactical wargaming-esqe combat encounter on 3D terrain. (Savage Worlds' rules support grid-less miniature play.) Being not a particularly big fan wargaming in general I can see my dislike; I at times got (and still get) frustrated with the heavy-tactical nature of most d20 systems, and I'd been playing "off the grid" so to speak for sometime.

The second part is I was coming hot off the heels of playing RPGs like Dresden Files and reading about the FATE system, where Fate Points have such great usage and potential in the game. Compared to that I found the Bennies used in Savage Worlds a bit underwhelming. (I still do believe they feel underpowered, and much prefer the Fate Chips variant in Deadlands which at least gives more variety.)

Third and finally, both my friend and I felt a constrained by what our characters could do. Our GM pretty much stuck to the rules and wouldn't let us attempt anything else outside of the box so to speak. (This ties directly into both the first and second points.)

Anyway, all those points aside I've come to appreciate Savage Worlds for what it is: a solid, quick, and easy system. I look forward to our next Deadlands session in two weeks.

- As I mentioned earlier I'll be GMing my third session of Dresden Files this Friday. I was a little unsure with my first session two weeks ago, but my second session turned out awesome. I'm getting more confident running contemporary fantasy now, and our last game gave me a ton of story and plot ideas.

- A good friend of mine, fellow gamer, and LARPer who goes by the name of ~Marcusquintustitus on deviantArt, wrote a journal entry called Creating the perfect DnD party... in LARP. Although I don't LARP (yet...) I thought it was very well written and thought provoking when it comes to actual living adventurers as it were coming together and forming a cohesive group.

- I was pleased to find out today about the Day of Gaming on Sunday August 18th at UVIC here in Victoria where there is to be boardgaming, RPG demos, and a Netrunner tournament! (I guess I better find time to get some practice in and construct a few decks.) I'm also considering the prospect of running a session of the Beginner Game or perhaps the Free RPG adventure for EotE. It would definitely satisfy the GREAT NEED I'll no doubtlessly have to run EotE once I obtain the core rulebook... We shall see how things develop.

And now I must finish my dinner and go for a swim!

Cheers! ;{١

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